September 23, 2012

Ring Any Bells? Retro Brass Bell from Lion Bellworks

Much of my cycling involves the use of paths and tracks that are shared with other cyclists as well as walkers, joggers, horse riders et al. And so, to maintain harmony between all I favour a friendly ring of the bicycle bell to alert others of my presence. The problem is that the majority of bike bells available on the market today are frankly rubbish, at best they ping as opposed to ring and those that do ring are ineffectual as an attention getter.
The Retro Brass bicycle bell designed and manufactured in England by Lion Bellworks echoes the great tradition of both English bell makers and classic retro bicycles. The bell dome is made from solid brass and the mounts from laser cut stainless steel. The design is elegantly simple with a spring mounted striker positioned outboard of the dome providing a loud and musical sound with a long sustain. In practice the bell fulfils its function beautifully, the loud musical note rings at the perfect pitch to gain attention but does so without annoyance, even in the most pastoral of settings.

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