August 07, 2012

Burning a hole in my pocket!

I've had the good fortune to receive a £50 voucher to spend at a local bike shop, AW Cycles; this came courtesy of Reading Borough Council as my prize for cycling the most miles for Reading in the 2012 European Cycling Challenge.  But, I have no idea on what to spend it on!  Jez Andrews on his excellent blog "Following the Chainline" has a feature called "Want it Wednesday" which prompts readers to post details of their latest bike related "want"   The only question is... what do I want?

1 comment:

  1. Well firstly thanks for the mention! And secondly congratulations on your win.

    As for what you want, well I guess that all depends on what you don't have! So in other words, I don't know but I'm sure you'll have fun spending it.