About Bolt

Bolt On Jogle (John O'Groats to Lands End 2011
Yes it's yet another middle aged blokes cycling blog, which just goes to prove that we really do have too much time on our hands!

So what makes this blog so different? Well although by age alone I suppose I might qualify as a grumpy old man, I do try and resist any urge to moan in this blog; especially about really boring topics like the state of the UK cycle infrastructure, which I actually think is quite good in its own way and a bit like the way I feel about Boris Johnston. Also, despite enjoying modest prosperity now the kids have all gone away, I do not have wads of spare cash to spend on bikes as can be seen on the photo on the left; where I cycled the length of the country on my brother in-law's old bike that was clearly 2 sizes too small for me.
So, who is Bolt?  Well I hate to disappoint, but I, Chris Bolton, am certainly not the world's fastest man.  I grew up in the Midlands during the 60s and 70s and like many others of my vintage I enjoyed  from an early age the freedom , fun and independence that travelling by bike brings and hopefully this is what this blog attempts to capture.  I now live in Wargrave in Berkshire with my wonderful wife Alice who, incidentally,  I first met during a serendipitous encounter in the work's bicycle shed!  

Safe and Happy Cycling!