April 03, 2012

Preparing for a Long Ride - where's the string!

When I decided that I would cycle to Lincoln on the occasion of Grandson Bolt's first birthday I originally anticipated a 2 day ride.  Logistics and time now dictate that it would be so much better to get there in a day... so putting bravado to one side, the last week or so have been spent in getting the Bolt On Bike prepared for the 150 mile challenge.  In the interest of comfort wider riser handlebars have been fitted along with fatter tyres.  I've lowered the gearing slightly with the Nexus 8 speed hub running on a 38x20 combination.  Following a spate of spoke breakages on the Shimano 24 spoke rear wheel , I've  relaced the non-drive side which was radially laced, with new spokes in a 2 cross pattern.  I've also shifted the saddle forward an inch to try and shift some of my weight off from over the back axle.  Having managed to get a couple of hundred miles in on the new setup over the last couple of weeks, it's all feeling very good and extremely comfortable.  What hasn't changed is that it is still a very heavy bike, even by hub geared touring bike standards.
 I've only cycled this distance once in a day before and that was around 30 years ago on a "reliability trial" with the Doncaster Wheelers where one of the riders had his trousers and his mudguards held up with pieces of string!  Although it seemed that this unlikely character wouldn't make it further than Bawtry, he was there at the finish with the rest of us, having rattled his way all around the 3 counties for 12 hours.  It's a valuable lesson for sure that ignorance can sometimes be bliss, especially when this ride is planned for Friday the 13th!

the route in it's first draft:  http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/wargrave-to-lincoln#


  1. Good luck! 150 miles in one day - you're a braver man than me!

  2. Thanks Will! Not sure about being brave... mad maybe!

  3. You crazy old Bolt! Glad you've the 'Where's Bolt' thingy :)