LOMO 15L Waterproof Bike Trunk/Rack Bag

I came across this bag whilst look for something suitable for an upcoming 5 day tour. It was the first time I'd heard of the brand LOMO, it transpires they are a Glaswegian company who specialise in clothing and equipment for watersports. The first surprise is that this bag retails for just £29.99, less than a third of the smaller Ortileb Trunk Bag! Secondly, despite weighing in at only ~650g including fixings, the 15L LOMO has taken all of my kit for the ride including a full set of civvies, spare tubes and tools with ease.

I particularly like the method of attaching to the rack which utilises 2 Velcro webbing straps that attach to the rack independently of the bag which is then fastened to the straps with quick release fasteners attached to the bag, this allows the bag to easily and quickly removed from the rack.

There's a nice video on the website that shows how it all works. https://www.ewetsuits.com/acatalog/dry-bike-tail-bag.html

My photos show the bag fitted to a Tortec expedition rack which matches the footprint of the bag perfectly. Workmanship and quality appear to be very good and I have no doubt at all that the main compartment is 100% waterproof.

I am really impressed, the LOMO has the potential to be the do it all bag for commuter, audaxer, tourer and bikepacker alike.


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