December 27, 2011

The Hebie Chainglider

One of the main objectives in building the Bolt On Bike was to reduce the amount of maintenance that the bike would require.  Having fitted a Nexus 8 Speed hub gear for the transmission, I then explored what options there were for fitting a fully enclosed chain guard.  I opted for the Hebie Chainglider being the only viable solution I could find.  At first the Chainglider looks to be an unlikely proposition, the design basically consists of a plastic cover that simply clips around the drive train and floats on it, with no attachment to the frame.  Of course this design does introduce a small amount of drag and noise as the chain turns within the plastic cover but at such a minimal level that is unnoticeable in use.  The benefits of the Chainglider are significant in vastly reducing chain wear and in keeping your legs and trousers free from oil stains.  As the chain is effectively sealed from the elements cleaning and lubrication is only a once a year activity and is great way of eliminating chain related faff.  Here's a video that shows how to fit the Chainglider.  Note: The Chain Glider supplied in 2 parts that are size specific for the chainweel/sprocket combination, so order with care.
Verdict 5/5 Bolts
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