Tales from the Riverbank - Part 2 - Dunk Test Results

So the bike wasn't submerged for long, maybe less than a minute but long enough to potentially write off some of the less obviously waterproof components.

  • Shimano Alfine 11 Speed Hub - the hub continued to run perfectly for the remainder of the journey home though I had visions that some small amount of water would have found it's way into the internals. But there was no need to worry, as a quick check I opened up the oil fill port and inverted the hub and there trace of water or emulsified oil.  A few weeks I did a full oil change, again with no sign of water ingress.  Good job Shimano!
  • AXA Luxx 70 Plus Steady Auto front light -  the construction of this light does not readily inspire confidence in its waterproofness, the switch and light shroud are not sealed as you might expect in an all-weather light.  However, I can only assume that the protection has been applied to the electronics rather than the housing as it survived the dunking, and the open design seems to allow any water ingress to drain away as the lense didn't mist.
  • SPA CYCLES Nidd Leather Saddle - I've ruined a Brooks B17 saddle by riding it in heavy rain where the leather quickly became sodden and ended up permanently mis-shaped.  The Nid survived the soaking thanks to the waterproof fabric lining that is applied to the underside of the saddle.  This and the extra thickness of leather on the Nidd makes it a challenge to break-in but makes for a far cheaper and more robust alternative to Brooks.
  • Garmin Touring Edge - It's marketed as waterproof and it is!

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