Tales from the Riverbank - Part 1 - Soggy Bottom Bolt

Earlier this year I managed to ride my bike into the River Kennett, it was an unplanned episode on a narrow section of the shared footpath just outside Reading town centre. It was an accident and I’m not looking to blame the other cyclist, lack of decent cycle infrastructure or even Reading City Council. Even at the time it was pretty hilarious, both bike and I were submerged for only a second or two, I wasn’t hurt and was able to continue the journey home with only a few strange looks from people witnessing a very wet cyclist on a warm summer’s day. But the incident has given me time to reflect on how the chances of rider and bike surviving the perils of the daily commute can be improved; so, this will be the theme for some future posts.  In the meantime and in the absence of a youtube video which would be significantly more entertaining, see if you can spot the amphibious segment on Strava?

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