Team GB - Call For Support

There are 8917 cyclists in 113 teams across the world taking part in the endomondo most km in 2013 challenge.   Embarrassingly "Team GB" currently has only 9 members and is languishing in 46th place; all miles count in any category of cycling count, so why not sign up today!  Note: I have no commercial afilliation with endomondo, I just think it's good fun!  Update 20 Feb: "Team GB" is now 16 strong and has regained 46th place and are in hot pursuit of the French and German Teams.  So sign up today, every mile counts!


  1. I suspect that it might be because most UK cyclists now seem to be using Strava instead.

  2. Hi Will, Strava is indeed popular amongst the more competitively minded cycling fraternity and I hear also the cause of much disruption on club rides with riders breaking from the group unannounced chasing Strava segment times! I like endomondo for the reason that it seems to cater for all levels and types of activity and that the challenges also reflect this. Last year’s European cycle transport challenge was huge fun and a great motivation to cycle more often.