Balearic Bolt – Cycling in Mallorca, Spain

Celebrating my 50th birthday in Mallorca brought many great things, sun, sea, sand, cheap Spanish brandy, a whole raft of cycle related gifts and the chance to explore the island by bike. We were staying at Camp de Mar situated on the south-west coast of Mallorca where good use has been made of the quieter local roads as a designated cycle touring network.

Bikes hire was available at the nearby town of Pegeura, a stronghold of German holidaymakers and all the better for it as I am a fan of all things German including their bicycles. I chose a very practical Deore equipped hybrid bike and set off for the hills, although more impressively I think that they do actually fall into the mountain category.

Camp de Mar - Photo by Bruce
Surprisingly, Spanish drivers were very considerate on the narrow winding roads and happily I didn’t encounter any Brits driving on the wrong side of the road. Progress on the big climbs was surprisingly easy due to the forgiving gradients, and the fast descents through the switchbacks and hairpin bends were a blast. It was all huge fun and highly recommended as a great way to spend a day away from lounging by the pool. 
I recorded the track on my Garmin and have found a new way of boring people at parties by recording the journey as a tour on Google earth. Here it is, so you can make the excuse that you’ve already seen it next time we meet! The quality isn’t fantastic but it gives you some idea what cycling in this part of Mallorca is like, adios amigos!

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