Cyclist has manhood bit through by dog

This week the Austrian Independent newspaper reported this account of a harrowing incident involving a cyclist and a dog. I've never been too bothered by dogs while cycling, but this is a cautionary tale to us all whilst we are stationary and wrestling with the U Lock.

 "A cyclist who was attacked by a pitbull terrier has told how his manhood was left hanging by a thread when the dog sank its teeth into his groin and refused to let go. The man aged 61 - from Linz, Austria - was chaining up his bike when the dog attacked him without warning, say police. But surgeons saved his penis and were able to reattach it during a five hour op. "At the moment I have a large hole in my penis, but the doctors say it will heal," said Karl. Police are searching for the dog and its owner."

 It seems  ironic that there is actually a bike lock called a pitbull!

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