One Saddle Many Bikes - Race Face Evolve XC

Bicycle polygamy, like conventional polygamy I suspect, can be a financially demanding activity and I have to admit that in the past I have not lavished equal attention to each of my bikes. Needing a saddle and seat post to complete the Bolt on Bike, I decided that I would reuse an old seat post that had been relegated to the spares box as it was prone to slipping. I then made my second mistake by pairing it with a cheap saddle that had originally been a factory fit on another of the Bolton’s stable. I should have known that fitting a saddle called a “Viper” to a slipping seat post was a bad idea, but taking this arrangement on a 300 mile tour was really not a good idea.
Brooks B17

After the pain had subsided I decided that the Bolt on Bike should have a Brooks leather saddle, but this seemed an extravagance as there were already 2 bikes in the stable that had Brooks B17s. I thought about how one might be able to transfer saddles between bikes, not so easy as they all have different diameter seat tubes and even if they did, there’s a fair amount of faff involved in readjusting the saddle position on its post each time. 
Race Face Evolve XC Seatpsot

 I then came across the Race Face Evolve XC Seatpost which ingeniously has fully independent adjusters to set tilt and to set the fore aft position, which makes setting up the saddle for different bikes quick and easy. The next step to the solution was to buy seatpost shims to allow the post to be fitted on bikes with differing seatpost diameters. 

Seatpost Shims
 The practice of shimming seatposts works better in theory than it does in practice, even when armed with the precise measurements required, there always seems to be some variation in size of seat tube and shim resulting in a fit that may be either a tad too tight or too loose. Either way, a little fettling of the shim with a Dremel it it’s too tight, or a layer of aluminum tape if too big, easily remedies the situation. The project has been a complete success allowing the easy transfer of the saddle fitted to seatpost between bikes. The Evolve XC is a quality seatpost which is relatively lightweight and immensely strong and offers an unsurpassed ease of saddle adjustment.  Highly Recommended
Verdict - 5/5 Bolts

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