Bicycle Polygamy

The wonderful thing about having an obsession for the bicycle is that there are no rules about sharing your passion amongst more than one! Owning more than say 2 bikes may seem to some be excessive and unnecessary and I have to confess that I used to be of a similar opinion. It was Alice who persuaded me not to sell my old road bike that I hadn’t used for years, and it was also Alice who persuaded me not to downsize my collection after I built, what I truly thought at the time, was the bike to replace all bikes. So now I am comfortable in bicycle polygamy, each of the 4 is quite different and whilst their roles can occasionally overlap, they each merit their place with the phenomenon that each one is more enjoyable to ride than the last. So much fun and all without having to move out to Utah, thank you Alice! In future posts I will explore ways of making bicycle polygamy an affordable option.

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