Sweat Free Cycling - Part 2 - Clothing

The right choice of clothing is a major factor in keeping your cycling sweat free.  Advances in clothing technology is a significant factor here in that almost all but the cheapest waterproofs allow the body to breathe whilst keeping you protected from the wind and rain.  Of equal importance is to wear something next to the skin that is able to wick perspiration away off the body, out and away through the breathable outer layer.   Unbelievably, this is where recycled plastic bottles are our savior in their recycled form of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a synthetic fibre that is used increasingly in many types of clothing.  It is spun and weaved to create fleece based clothing from the thin microfleece to the thick polar fleece.  Fleece is extremely lightweight, has excellent insulating and moisture wicking properties, making it ideal for the cyclist and especially the commuter cyclist.  Cycle and sports clothing manufacturers have however created a mystique to present this clever use of recycled plastic bottles under the guise of “Technical Clothing” with an inflated price to match.  They also talk about the importance of “layering” as if it were a mystical science.  I’ve been “layering” since I was a child, my “base layer” being a vest, my “mid layers” being a shirt and jumper, depending on the season; and my “outer layer being a coat or jacket, simple.  Nowadays all my “layers” contain PET in varying degrees and unless my colleagues at the office are too polite to mention the fact, I don’t turn up to work after my daily commute smelling like the inside of a wrestlers jockstrap!

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