Geotagging Photographs from any Digital Camera

Geosetter - Screenshots
The ability to tag digital photographs with geographical data relating to the location where the photo was taken is a feature of GPS enabled smart phones and cameras.  However it is possible to achieve the same functionality with any digital camera in conjunction with a gps track recoding device, typically outdoor and sports gps receivers.  To "geotag" your photographs in this way the date and time on your camera must be set to reflect the date and time of your gps receiver; this will ensure that your photographs can be accurately synchronised by their date/time stamp to the GPS track.  The synchronisation can be carried out using the excellent freeware software tool  Geosetter, I have used Geosetter to automatically add geo tags to photos from recent rides that I have uploaded to flickr.  Flickr recognises the geotag format and displays the photo's location accurately through the flickr map page.  Geosetter is an indispensable tool for keeping track of where pictures were taken, especially on longer rides.

Verdict - 5 Bolts

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