Crank Brothers Speedlever

Crank Brothers Speed Lever

In attempt to reduce the faff when removing tight fitting tyres I recently purchased the Speedlever manufactured by the Crank Brothers.  This single tyre leave has been designed to provided an easy and quick means of both removing a fitting a tyre.  I tried it out on a particularly troublesome combination of a Schwalbe CityJet 700x32c tyre fitted to a Rigida Sputnik Rim.  Although the operation wasn't quite as slick as shown in this video, the basic concept of this lever does actually work and is an improvement on using a conventional lever and thumb combination.  In terms of robustness the Speed Lever appears to be okay,  Although the Speedlever comes with a Lifetime Warranty,  I'm not sure how it would stand up to constant use in a workshop but as part of the basic tool-kit carried on the bike it can definitely be described as fit for purpose.

The Speedlever is available from  Chain Reaction Cycles

Verdict 4/5 Bolts

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