Tyre Fitting and Faffing

Whilst recent advances in tyre design have been extremely effective in minimising the risk of punctures, there is still no such thing as a totally puncture proof pneumatic tyre.  The design of puncture resistant tyres typically requires them to be quite rigid and inflexible which can have the knock on effect of making removal and fitting extremely difficult.   This video demonstrates the point nicely and ironically is supposed to show you how easy it is.
Imagine having to faff about like this at the roadside, it does tend to negate the whole point of a puncture resistant tyre.  To be fair the fault here isn’t entirely attributable to the tyre, modern wheels tend to be designed with deep rims to improve rigidity which can also exacerbate the tyre fitting problem.  In answer to this problem Park Tools are now producing 8 Inch Heavy Duty Tyre Levers no doubt these beasts will get the most reluctant tyre on and off the rim, but this seems to go against the once golden rule of never using a steel lever on an alloy wheel rim.  Crank Brothers may have come upon a more sensible alternative with their Speed Lever; I’ve just ordered one from Chain Reaction and will be reviewing it in due course.

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